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Super7 Transformers Ultimates Wave 2 Set of 4 Figures

Super7 Transformers Ultimates Wave 2 Set of 4 Figures

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The Transformers Ultimates figures are back!

Ultimates! details matter, and the more the merrier. That’s why the Ultimates are made-to-order figures that come with a huge assortment of extra features—making them the most exceptionally intricate expressions of the character that we can possibly make, no matter how many extra faces it takes to get there.

Product Features
7 inches (17.78cm)
Made of plastic
Super articulated
Deluxe packaging
Based on the classic Transformers animated series
Box Contents
Megatron figure
3 Interchangeable heads
Regular head
Power-hungry head
Head with mind control helmet
6 Interchangeable hands
Hand holding Energon cube
Antimatter chest
Chemical flask
Laser sword
Pearl of Bahoudin
2 Energy maces
Grimlock figure
6 Interchangable hands
Mind-transfer helmet
Soft goods waiter apron
6 Pieces of drinkware
King Crown
Tracks figure
2 Interchangeable heads
Regular head
Evil alien robot head
6 Interchangeable hands
Tank (vintage toy inspired)
Ion blaster (vintage toys inspired)
Ion blaster (cartoon inspired)
Blaster boombox
Bludgeon figure
2 Interchangeable heads
Toy inspired head
Comic inspired head
6 Interchangeable hands
Head wire bundle (comic inspired)
Katana & sheath
Wakizashi & sheath
Tank blaster
Ion blaster (toy inspired)
Turret shield (toy inspired)

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