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Super7 Transformers Ultimates Megatron

Super7 Transformers Ultimates Megatron

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“Peace through Tyranny!” booms Megatron's voice. As the undisputed villain of the Transformers universe, his rule is for good reason. Between his tremendous strength, military acumen, and terror-inspiring ruthless aggression he has many finer qualities that make him reign supreme over the Decepticons.

This 8” highly-articulated Transformers ULTIMATES! figure of Megatron features G1 accurate paint deco and interchangeable heads and hands. With an arsenal of other accessories, this figure is every bit as well equipped as you’d expect the leader of the fearsome Decepticons to be. Adding this Megatron ULTIMATES! figure to your collection is as inevitable as the fear he instills in his foes!

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