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Four Horsemen

Mythic Legions: Figura Obscura Krampus Figure

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Here Ye, Here Ye, Here ye
Now on this second day of February, two thousand and twenty-two.
Krampus, the beater of misbehaving children, the dark shadow of the Yuletide season was awakened from his lair by action figure fans worldwide.
In a demonic dialect, Krampus directed the team at Four Horsemen Studios to open a scroll that read:
It is a beautiful day this I can see,
With action figure fans waiting so eagerly,
And the faithful Legionnaires collectively screaming,
We need another shot at the Yuletide Demon!
We all have passed through the darkness of night,
But now we see RED and we all quake with delight!
When I turn to see, there is another version of me
Krampus has returned at Four Horsemen retailers exclusively!
That's right everyone! The Groundhog is not the only one looking for his shadow today! Krampus has peeked out from his lair (again) and this time we are letting him stay awake. Even better, the demon has indeed seen his shadow - and it is a RED shadow! This means that the Figura Obscura: Krampus figure is coming BACK! This time he will be available exclusively from Four Horsemen Studios' amazing retail partners.
Expected ship date: Q4 2022